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Nikon D600 Camera Settings

Last update  Oct 10,2013 
LCD หลังกล้อง D600 ทำให้ไม่มั่นใจ ก็เลยมาเชค ดูว่า ปรับ AUTO ไม่ไหว
ตัดสินใจไม่ได้ว่า มัน โอเวอร์ อันเดอร์ ดู  histogram ก็ไม่ทัน 

Playback Menu
Playback Display Options- Highlights, Shooting Data: On
Image Review-Off
After Delete- Show next
Rotate Tall-Off

Shooting Menu
Role Played by Slot 2- Overflow
Image Quality- Raw or Fine
Image Size- Large
JPEG Compression- Optimal Quality
NEF Recording- Lossless Compressed 14-bit
Set Picture Control- Standard
Auto Distortion Control- On
Color Space- sRGB unless you print yourself or are being published, then Adobe RGB
Active D-Lighting- Auto
HDR- Off
Vignette Control- Off
Long Exp NR- off
High ISO NR- Normal
Movie Settings-  Quality 1920×1080 24 fps, Microphone low with external microphone added, Destination Card 1, Movie Quality- High

Custom Settings Menu
AF-C selection- release
AF-S selection- focus
Focus Tracking with Lock On- normal
AF Point illumination- on
Focus Point wrap-around- OFF
Number of Focus points-  AF39
Built-in AF assist illuminator- off
ISO Sensitivity- 1/3
EV Steps- 1/3
Easy Exposure Comp- Off
Center Weighted- 8
Fine tune optimal exposure- No
Shutter release button AE-L- On
Standby Timer 10 secs
Monitor Off Delay- all 1 min, live view 10 min
Remote on duration- 1 min
Beep- Off
Viewfinder Grid Display- On

ISO Display- Off
Viewfinder Warning- On
Screen Tips-On
CL Mode speed- 3fps
Max continuous release- 100
Fine number sequence- On
Information Display- Auto
LCD illumination- off
Exposure Delay mode- off
Flash Warning-off
MB-D14 battery type- NiMH
Battery Order- MB-D14
Flash sync speed – 1/250
Flash Shutter Speed- 1/30
Flash Control for Built-in flash – TTL
Modeling Flash – Off
Auto Bracketing set- AE+Flash
Bracketing Order- N

OK Button- reset to center focus point
Assign Fn button- Choose Image Area
Assign preview button- Preview
Assign AE-L/AF-L – AF-ON
Customize command dial- all ON, aperture setting sub-command
Release Button to use dial- ON
Slot Empty release lock – Lock
Reverse Indicator-   -0+

Movie Controls
Assign Fn button- AE Lock only
Assign Preview button- Index Marking
Assign AE-L/AF-L- AF-ON
Assign Shutter Button- Record Movies

Setup Menu
Monitor Brightness-  0
Clean Image Sensor- Clean now
Video Mode- NTSC in USA
HDMI- Output resolution Auto
Device Control- On
Flicker reduction – Auto
Image Comment- On {add your name here}
Auto Image Rotation- On
Copyright Information- ON {add your name here}


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